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Xenses is the only half-day theme park in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya designed to help you rediscover your senses. Experience the sensation of flight as you glide like a bird on the Bird Flight zip-line, or feel the rush as you slide down the fast waterslide that leads into a cavern.

Challenge your perception of reality as you explore Town, where the concept of up and down becomes blurred, and let your senses guide you through Xensatorium, a cavern enveloped in pitch-black darkness housing various ecosystems of the planet.

Open your mind to the hidden optical illusions at Xenses, a Cancun theme park where nothing is as it seems.


What to bring?

✔ printed proof of purchase

✔ Your ID

✔Wear a swimsuit, water shoes and comfortable clothing. Additionally, bring an extra change of clothes and a towel.

✔ Biodegradable sunscreen

✔ Camera for underwater shooting

✔ Money for tips and souvenirs

What's Included?

❃Pinwheel, the departure point where the magic begins.

❃Xcaret México Espectacular presentation.

❃Path of Feeling: a fun Way of Dwarfs and Giants; different ecosystems in pitch black darkness at Xensatorium; a walk beneath the Earth in the Labyrinth of Underground Arteries; a place full of nature in The Eden; and a refreshing Xitric Garden in this trail known before as Consensible Circuit

❃Path of Doing: get wondered with a big red Heartbeat; an original and nonsen

❃Restrooms, dressing rooms, and showers.

❃Free parking.

❃Other services (WiFi, ATM, and shops).

What's Not Included?

✘ Lunch

✘ Tips and souvenirs

✘ Photo and video services

✘ Transportation (by request)


Please, note:

-Xenses is approximately a five-hour experience.

-The ticket reservation must be made 24 hours prior to the required date.

-Children and over 4.5 ft tall but under 12 years of age must show an ID to verify their age as well.

-Visitors with disabilities should always be accompanied by a family member or friend that can assist them at all times.

-Some activities are not recommended for persons with heart problems, fear of heights, claustrophobia, those who get dizzy easily, with recent surgeries, back pain, who weigh more than 300 lbs, or pregnant women. Zip-lines have a minimum height requirement of 4.5 ft and a minimum weight requirement of 88 lbs.

-Avoid using a selfie stick, a floating cane or a handler for sport cameras during the activities.

-Slip and Bird Flight activities include water areas with a depth between 3.6 and 5.6 ft. It is recommended that for these activities, children under 4.2 ft, as well as adults and children who don't know how to swim, don’t participate. Both activities are done individually.

-Bird Flight activity is recommended for children 5 years and older, as long as the harness fits them properly.

-Transportation from Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya is included only if you add it at the moment of purchase.

-Reservations cancelled more than 2 days prior to your original booking date are subject to a 10% charge for administrative fees; cancellations made between 0 and 2 days prior to your original booking date, or in the case of no-shows or not using your coupon, are nonrefundable. Any change on your booking date is subject to an adjustment in the price.

-It is not possible to make date changes the same day of your visit.


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